Deer Rescued By Fishermen

January 3, 2011 Featured, Heroes

You know the story: four deer pulled from water, make it to shore, share high-hooves with their rescuers then beat it for the forest. What’s always missing is how in the world they wound up in their predicament in the first place.

Sorry gang, can’t answer that one for ya’. You’re just going to have to settle for a Monday afternoon feel-good story……

This one takes place in Stephens Passage, Alaska, where Tom Satre and his charter boat-full of locals noticed the four Sitka blacktails swimming directly toward the boat. The four circled the boat with obvious signs of distress, according to the story that accompanied the email.  With nary a problem or reluctance, the four were assisted on to the boat where they collapsed from exhaustion.

Once the “Alaska Quest” was back at the dock in Taku Harbor, one deer jumped back in the water, swam a short way to shore and headed into the woods.  Two others need a bit of encouragement to get moving but then the final deer simply couldn’t get up.

So Tom poured him into a wheelbarrow and got him to dry land.  All four deer were said to be button bucks and Tom Satre described the experience as “one of those defining moments in life.”


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  1. Jorge Padilla says:

    gosh people they were just taiking a swim, they were on a vacation