Bubba Gets His Buck

August 20, 2008 Deer

Bubba, a member of the Doubletough crew living near Devils Lake, North Dakota, arrowed this 8-point last September after he showed up on a deercam monitoring his stand.  Bubba was at full draw four times before finally letting loose at 16 yards.  “Shot back a little, caught him in the liver and one lung.  F*cking roooooooost!!!”  (“roost” is some kind of NoDak slang of celebration)

Bubba’s buck had an outside spread of 18.5″.  Doubletough Outdoors will be hunting in White Earth, North Dakota this fall with Bubba, Big John Tripp, Aaron, Lance and several more in the Allie Enget Memorial Deer Hunt.  Look for photos and full rundown of that trip in November.



  1. Arthur says:

    Nice deer. Hopefully something like that walks by me this fall.

  2. doubletough says:

    Bubba has sent in a few deercam shots that show a couple nice prospects for the coming season. Hopefully he can close the deal on one.